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I am a banker by profession, currently a homemaker and a full-time mother to my 31/2 year old son.

I have always been a foodie but was never interested in learning the fundamentals of cooking. Post marriage, I started to explore ingredients in my kitchen and cook scrumptious food for my hubby. He has always been a guinea pig for all of my experiments. Fortunately, my experiments have attained more success than failures 😊😊.

In my blog, I will be sharing vegetarian recipes that are easy to make, even for a beginner. You will also find some cake/ cookies recipes which will have eggs as one of the ingredients.I have tried to mention all the steps in detail.

My blog will feature an assortment of recipes from different cuisines, Indian as well as international. Each and every recipe is tested 2-3 times in my kitchen to eliminate any error.

I have absolutely no training in food photography. But, I have put in my best efforts to make them look good and as scrumptious as their taste.

So, enjoy cooking and serving delicious food to your loved ones.


13 thoughts on “About Me

  1. heii this really is nice would be surely trying ur recipes … grt grt effort keep it up and all the best for ur future ventors …. ridhima


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